Kitsu’s Afternoon “News”: Royal Canadian Mint releases commemorative Cryptid Coin

Originally reported by the Royal Canadian Mint, and picked up by Cryptomundo in a Blog Post.


Little known canadian cryptid the “Mishepishu” (translates as “Great Water Lynx”). Unlike America, which has been treating it’s cyptozooloigical legends like curiosities, Canada has embraced them at least as as part of their culture. This coin line also features a bigfoot and MemphrĂ© version and is clearly geared towards children with the colorful art and fun informative literature included.

Sure, not all cryptids are worth the time of day and the effort, but there are aspects of them which should never be thrown aside. Why shouldn’t we at least honor the history of these stories? Why do they need to be dismissed consistently and why can we not enjoy the fun that they stand for? And for those cryptids that have hope, why shouldn’t we be investigating them?