I haven’t been a horse in years.

The person who taught me to ride them, Marge, passed away of late. Horses have been on my mind since. Even worse since I went to the auction at her place on Saturday.

I wish I had an opportunity to ride. Really ride. Not get up on a trail ride horse whose so sick of the incompetents who have no business on a motorbike (let alone something with a pulse and a brain) who flop around like dying fish and flap about like clothes drying on a line. I want to get on a horse with a clever mind and dancing hooves and have it keen to rise to what I ask of it.

I want to finish learning to do a flying change.
I wand to finish what Marge and I started.

Kitsu’s Sunday Raceday

I really didn’t see much for exciting stuff concerning racing this week…

Really there’s just been THIS┬átalking about the handicapping for Breeder’s Cup, which puts my girl (Havre de Grace) heading out at 3-1. But since none of the big contenders were on the track this week, it’s hosting been what’s up at Newmarket and the like, which are race zones I don’t pay a ton of attention to right now.

There’s also ANOTHER interesting article talking about the future of racing and how to deal with the dwindling numbers. I will say this: Without the sunday telecasts that happened on and off as a Kid, I’d have never watched the Triple Crown attempt by Silver Charm and been impressed enough to pay heed for the rest of my life. It’s not just watching racing that makes race fans, it’s connecting to that hero horse who draws you into their wake and makes you want to keep watching.

Kitsu’s Afternoon “News”: Grab Bag

  • YOUNG BONOBO SHOWS SIGNS OF AUTISM 22 September 2011: Evidence that Mental Health issues are not uniquely human are brought to light by Teco, a Bonobo, who was born by a well known and exceptionally intelligent sire. Signs suggest something similar to autism spectrum disorders, but as the sample group is small, most evidence is anecdotal at this time.
  • ARMSTRONG TO NASA: YOU’RE EMBARRASSING 22 September 2011: Space flight pioneers Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan urge NASA to shape up.
  • TITANIC NECKLACE STOLEN FROM AMUSEMENT PARK 22 September 2011: A lovely gold necklace once owned by Titanic 1st class passenger Eleanor Elkins Widener was stolen from the Titanic – The Exhibition show at Copenhagen’s Tivoli gardens.
  • IS SINGLE-SEX SCHOOLING EFFECTIVE? 22 September 2011: A review by the journal Science┬árefutes the 2004 governmental move to loosen restrictions on sex-based discrimination in schools to cater to the claims that girls and boys learn differently.
  • ANGRY FISH INHABIT MOST HOME AQUARIUMS 23 September 2011: Comparative behavioral studies show the effects of environment on fish. Cramped, barren environments yield aggressive, nasty fishes.