HIV: Is a cure in the air?

I know I shouldn’t have dragged my feet on writing this up, but I was so worried that we’d get a report that the recent cure wasn’t going to be as spectacular as the initial reports indicated. Since nothing’s come out immediately disproving the debunking, it indicates it’s safe to start talking about it.

It’s spectacular! We now have a case in addition to the Berlin Patient.

To me, the biggest application of this would be in 3rd world countries where health care overlooks so many patients. Yes, it’s only an indication and without further studies we can’t be sure… But I hope that it means we can at least protect infants from acquiring HIV from the mother. I really can’t wait to see if these first hours treatments can really aid people.

The only truly sad part of this is that doctors are fairly sure this isn’t an approach that will help adults. Though other research is shedding light on immune responses, and maybe that will lead to a new approach to HIV that might start helping people older at the time of infection.