Brain Science #3: Creativity Linked to Mess?

Science seems to indicate a link. And I hope that my desk is an indication of my creativity. I have an organized brain sometimes, but I have to make myself organize and get there sometimes. Messy Rooms seemed to inspire creativity, and guides how we think. So, apparently my wreak of a desk indicates not disorganization, but creativity. Apparently we’re impulsive or something.

Study results are only early indications, however. It seems like something that bears more investigation. And perceptions of people outside yourself are critical…

Brain Science #2: Where Creativity Comes From

Can you cultivate creativity? Is it genetic? Swedish scientist seem to think that Bipolar disorder has a link to creativity, but it also ran in relatives of these patients seem to also share the creative “gene”. There’s some indication that their is genetic link. But, in addition to the gene, there seems to be indications that social element.

Brian Science #1: Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is fascinating. Your brain is always changing, and always adjusting to make you better at what you do. This means that my brain has constantly been getting better at writing, because I’ve been writing for years. And it’s constantly getting better at writing code because I wrote code every single day of my life (even if I’m not physically writing it, mentally coding the way I do all the time apparently helps for at least a short while).

Theory says that this might be a source of addictions and why habit breaking is so difficult. Though it’s very neat to see science advancing, and hopefully this science can be learned to help train brains to break addiction and the like!

I love blowing things up…

Seriously. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m obsessed with Mythbusters. I must watch Tory’s webshow…. Seriously. Lots of fun explosives to play with and things that explode… I must learn about new explosives…. Also… Blowing things up is just straight up embowering.

Why Go Organic?

Yes. The news is a little bit older, but what can you do. I blame the accidental time off I took awhile back.

Just touching stuff that’s organic creates a positive contagion effect that improves a person’s feelings of wellbeing. So between that and improved effects on nature, I think we ca be happy about that. There are some details you have to be aware of, but if you buy well you can truly be happy with it.

Ancient Tributes to the Winter Solstice

Ancient Tributes to the Winter Solstice

DEC 21, 2013 12:26 PM ET // BY LIVESCIENCE


Tributes include a crazy huge gathering at Stonehenge, a maze that lights up once a year in Scotland, and an alignment between a Peruvian pyramid and some big earth lines. You should read more.