Status of Net Neutrality?

I decided to make an extra post so that I could get this out as quickly as possible. Confusing issues always need clarification, and if it’s science or tech related, DNews will usually give a quality rundown.

The short version is that ISPs need to be declassed as common carriers. I suggest everyone sign this petition with the white house to show that we consider ISPs Common Carriers and that the government should, too.

Equine Problem Solving Skills

Can Horses Think Through Problems?

By Sue McDonnell, PhD, Certified AAB Jan 09, 2014 Topics:

Q. I am writing a paper in my agricultural ethics class on the treatment of horses, and one of my discussions deals with the equality of horses to humans. My roommate and I were debating whether horses have the capability to think through a problem–something like unlatching a gate. I’m having trouble finding research on this specific problem. Do you know of any research that has been done in this area?

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