Facebook Gender Options!

That’s right, Facebook made some changes. See the Discovery News report on it!

It’s great to see better options, and acceptance showing up on Facebook. There’s more to gender than “Male” and “Female”. At least here in America people have the right to be who they are. We believe in freedom. This is part of it.

Feline Serial Killer on the Loose in India

Tiger continues to terrify locals in Indian state as 9 victims fall prey

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A man-eating tiger on the prowl in northern India has claimed its ninth victim, defying hunters and wildlife officials who have been trying to gun down the animal, an official said Friday.

Since December 29, the same big cat is believed to have been on a killing spree in a densely forested area near Jim Corbett National Park in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Salil Shukla, an official in the district of Bijnor, told AFP that the partly eaten body of a young farmer had been found on Friday.


Twilight Memory (Or: The Brain Reacts to Shit)

Scrutiny is going to come to pot consumption. Use-over-time does, according to initial studies, effect intelligence. It’s early studies, but the memory impairment seems set-in-stone. It does actually demonstrate that the brain is dramatically changed by usage. Currently, scientists don’t have a great deal of research yet, and I really feel that that’s an important step in the legalization process.

The short version is that high usage is not good for you. As in all things, Moderation is key.

Budweiser and the Superbowl

I was on break over the Super Bowl and didn’t really comment on in much. And this will shock you, but I’m not a big fan of football and all, so the commercials are the part I’m most interested in. I suggest you check out this link and enjoy the Budweiser Clydesdales commercials from this and past years.

Girl Power! (also: I’m back!)

I took a little hiatus there. Sorry about that. I have a Larp thing to get ready for that you can read about at http://larp.kitsufox.com if you’re interested.

Today is a video about single gender education.

It seems obvious that it would back up “us & them” behavior, and create a wider divide between the genders by cutting down the understanding between other genders and building up the ability to communicate amongst each other.

It certainly is a good step in understanding how things function for reality, and why the single-gender schools are more successful (and the current studies doesn’t include the university level). Preparation for the future in the purpose of the school, so cutting out half of the population seems stupid.