A Meteoric Followup

I must admit that I like to be able to followup my stories when I can. The Russian Meteor story is a big one, and I really can’t be shocked that I get to follow it up at least a bit.

The new Russian Meteor has since be dubbed the “Chelyabinsk Meteor”. In fact, it really has given us a chance to understand what happened with the Tunguska Blast. It’s always interesting to get to see science advance when a rare event duplicates itself and we’re fortunate enough to have TONs of footage because of Russian Dash cameras.

Despite this many russians believe that the Meteor story is a conspiracy to cover up the truth. No one truth has come forward as the leader yet, but it’s headed by things like “a UFO Crash” and “an extraterrestrial trojan horse carrying a deadly space virus”.


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