Faith Practices for 4 September 2012

The Readings

Word of Life

  1. Honestly, it’s another of those situations in which I’m working my way towards knowing anything about the subject.
  2. I don’t find it impossible, but I will admit that sometimes just being a good person is difficult, let along living up to the sort of person that Jesus was.
  3. Through learning and through devotion. Through practicing the words and acting within them, carrying out the instructions they give.
  4. It means to not just be religious, but to be the sort of person Jesus taught us to be.
  5. The world would be quieter. The world would be more attentive to the needs of others, for listening is one of the greatest ways to respect the needs of others because you cannot respect (or act on) what others need without knowing.
  6. Think more.
  7. Anger is a naturally quick emotion, being slow to give into it means that you have mastered yourself, and put others before you enough to assume that the anger is not justified until such time that it is deeply proven.
  8. By following the other tenets discussed. If we listen more, consider things before we speak and refuse to be ruled by out anger our tongues are well bridled and kept to reign, going only as we wish them to. (Clearly this answer comes from a girl who rides…)
  9. I define it by action. By living the word in each day and trying to carry out good works that help those around you.
  10. To take action, to not just know that their are problems, but to act to attempt to solve these problems.
  11. Limitations of funding, time and will are the first and foremost. People also must sometimes overcome fear to help others.

Word Among Us

  1. The grandfather is, in my opinion, the very ideal of christian. He put others first and went out of his way to assist others.
  2. My life is blessed with a number of doers. My in-laws are spearheads of community efforts to do good within my church. My own father takes wonderful care of an elderly couple that lives near him.
  3. I do enjoy listening to stories others have to tell. You can learn so much about people when you listen to those little pieces of their lives they are willing to share.
  4. Practice, like most things in life.
  5. We live in a culture of immediacy, in which we act quickly on our impulses (there are entire TV channels devoted to impulse shopping). This same culture is also one that demands retribution and values those who get revenge.
  6. Empowering.
  7. I would like to think that I would be the person I am, but I’m not sure that’s possible… Even though I’ve not always devoted myself to learning God’s word, my parents did ensure that I knew the values in them…

Faith Practice in Daily Life

  • Living in a Christian community is an opportunity to see what others have to teach you, and to see how others who are already experienced and well practiced at living in the word are doing so.

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