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News commentary will be taken from various sources, all of which I will site prior to commenting.

NPR News 5-8-2011 11AM ET Hourly Update (Podcast)

  • Lots of information from a terrorist headquarters? Why is anyone surprised? Honestly, did people think that this would shock anyone? Of course they’re planning things.
  • Cairo, Cairo, Cairo… Vile. Stupid reason to fight, religion is. All of our books say that we should love one another. Shooting is a wonderful way to carry out that part of our holy books.
  • Flooding is still sad. But what can be done, other than to get out of the way and hope that the damage is limited. Though… Lady… if Flooding scares you so much, why do you live that near a river?
  • Oil prices… Thank God it looks like things might go down!
  • Japanese Nuclear plans… At least they’re not shutting down the plants. I do think they need to improve things. Improvement is always good.
  • China… Having a major impact on Green tech? that surprises me a bit.


NPR Most E-mailed Stories 5-8-2011 (Podcast)

  • Pediatricians being accused of having anti-gun points of view… They have anti-un-secured-gun situations. Doctors should have the right to ask any question that they feel needs asking. It’s people’s right to refuse to answer any question that they wish not to answer. Why is there a law needed for this? If you don’t like a question, don’t respond to it.
  • The grain crop prices (wheat, rice, corn, soy) they talk about climate specifically. It’s sad, that they’ve overlooked the production of corn as a fuel crop rather than it’s intended use as food. It’s wasteful to make corn into fuel. I know biofuel is a good idea, but corn is simply not the right crop. It’s terrible to waste such desperately needed food like this.
  • Shiana Twain’s memoir… Wowie. I didn’t know she’d had such a rough childhood. Surprising, but I’m sort of happy I didn’t know much about it. It seems to make it all the more powerful that she’d worked through it and just… Dealt with it and was so strong. She got herself past it and I admire that.

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