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News commentary will be taken from various sources, all of which I will site prior to commenting.

NPR Hourly News Summary 5-9-2011 12PM EST (Podcast)

  • Talks with China: Duh we need to get along and avoid misunderstanding. That’s the basis of communication, is to avoid misunderstanding each other. Good communication even lacks misunderstandings!
  • Syrian Unrest: *sigh* More signs that gas prices will continue being crazy. Hopefully this one wraps quickly without major problems or loss of life.
  • Osama bin Laden: It’s nice to see people complaining about how pathetic missing a big ass compound is.
  • Mississipi River Flooding: It’s good to hear that they’re worrying about the evacuation ahead of times. It’s rare for government to learn this well from the past.


NPR Most Emailed Stories 5-9-2011 (Podcast)


NPR Hourly News Summary 5-10-2011 2PM EST (Podcast)

  • Mississippi Flooding: My heart goes out to the people who’re suffering at the hands of mother’s nature. I hope they all have flood insurance. I really do.
  • Home Sales: WOOT! Raises in home sales. A good sign for the recovery of our economy. With luck things will continue and the prices will start to rise. I hope the crash in home prices lasts long enough for me to save up a down payment, though. Gods… That sounds selfish.
  • Tax Increases?: If it’s needed, I’ll put up with it.
  • Utah Immigration Law: It’s good to see people challenging things. We’re, almost all of us, immigrants. Racial profiling is bad. M’kay?

NPR Hourly News Summary 5-12-2011 (Podcast)

  • Foreclosures: It’s good that things are delayed, and I hope that things start to improve.
  • Mississippi Flooding: The loss of farmland is unfortunate, and it’s sad that so many people and animals are displaced.
  • Oil Taxes: No more tax breaks for oil taxes. The bastards are already gouging us. Let them pay taxes and help get our country out of hock.
  • Nissan Net Profit: Congratulations for turning a profit despite difficult circumstances.


Cyptomundo: Weird Bird found in Iran (Blog Post)

  • This one is just oddball, but I think I’m with Loren Coleman in the idea that it’s probably a “Gaff” or a bit of Rogue Taxidermy. Or some sculpture that’s have a photograph repurposed to freak people out and get them worked up over nothing.

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