New Year’s Day: Keep at the Shadowfell (4/4)

Herein lies the final installment of the writeup of our group’s first adventure. I hope you enjoy the exciting conclusion of our epic adventure, and tune in at the end of next week (our DM demanded his vacation from work off from running games, too) for our next installment of the story!

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The Cast

Marl Stone

Female Longclaw Shifter Barbarian.
Too ready to charge into battle without thinking. Also just strait up not thinking.
Played by Kelly “Kitsu” P.

Yari Underglen

Male halfling Runepreist.
Sick and tired of healing his Barbarian friend.
Played by Wiley “Rasp” A.


Female Human Witch (Wizard class).
Normally patient, but as she’s ducked alone into a cave, also a touch impulsive.
Played by Cyrstal “Sarafina” M.

Dungeon Master

Paul “Vago” P. brings us his take on a WoTC module.

The Adventure

The intrepid Miri, finding the door behind the waterfall, ducks inside it without hesitation. She halts just inside the billowing mists. The cave is crowded with Kobolds, which immediately take offense to the intrusion and race into combat with Miri.

Marl and Yari and quick to join in, and attempt to provide the witch with the cover she needs to cast without getting mulched by the horde of Kobolds. The battle rages on in the entrance to the cavern, with the Kobolds pressing in and the adventurers fighting as hard as they’re able. A Goblin emerges from the dark recesses of the cave and throws himself into the fray.

Eventually the party gets the upper hand, and a Wrympreist, who has been blasting Marl with magic the entire combat (which might have something to do with her wearing one of his brethren’s masks as a hat) tries to flee into the cave. While she’s run deeper Miri and Yari give deal with dispatching the Goblin. They then join Marl in her merry chase of the Wrympreist just in time to see her deal the final blow. With a tankard thrown at his head.

LOOT: 10 small hide armor, 13 small light shields, 36 small javelins, 3 small hide armors, 6 small spears, 2 small chainmail armor, 2 small heavy shields, 1 black small hide armor, 2 small battle-axes, 1 small silver key.

In the midst of all this searching Yari finds a message on the Goblin’s corpse. It reads as follows.


My spy in Winterhaven suggests that we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter. In a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Wnterhaven’s people will serve as food for those lord Orcas sends to do my bidding.


In accordance with the note’s worrying revelation and the need to inform Lord Padraig, the party makes haste back to town. The Lord is taken aback by this information and urges the party to continue to work against this cult (which they agree to).

Our group will play again on the 11th of January. The first of that sessions write-ups should arrive on the 12th, and we look forward to seeing you again when the mission to find Kalarel and close the rift continues. If you’d like to see more before then, tune in tomorrow for the treasure report.

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