New Year’s Day: Keep at the Shadowfell (3/4)

We ended up taking a break and sleeping a little bit before resuming our session as if nothing had interrupted us. Sometimes a person needs some sleep, and none of us are as young as we used to be (or so they tell us…) It should be noted that this particular adventure was played on 1 January 2012.


The Cast

Marl Stone

Female Longclaw Shifter Barbarian.
Too ready to charge into battle without thinking. Also just strait up not thinking.
Played by Kelly “Kitsu” P.

Yari Underglen

Male halfling Runepreist.
Sick and tired of healing his Barbarian friend.
Played by Wiley “Rasp” A.


Female Human Witch (Wizard class).
Eternally patient and somehow stuck with the other two.
Played by Cyrstal “Sarafina” M.

Dungeon Master

Even though it’s a Premade module, Paul “Vago” P. brings key fun to the table and an interesting take on the story that he’s retelling.

The Adventure

Leaving a pile of dead Kobolds behind them, the party proceeds along the path towards the lair marked on the map. After traveling for another four hours we reach a river. Up the river just a bit a waterfall roars down from cliff above. Yari asks Miri to stay, and convinces Marl to stay with her while he sneaks forward to see what’s ahead, through the trees on the riverbank.

Sadly, all that was for naught as a pair of Kobolds who had been hiding below the water of the river (with snouts poking up above the water) burst forth and raise the alarm. As it turns out, a dozen or so Kobolds are ranged around the area, and they attack. The battle starts out looking dark, until Miri (surrounded and nearly overwhelmed by Kobolds) rallies with a massive magical attack and brings half of the emery forces to their end. Meanwhile Marl engages with some of the largest and seemingly strongest of the enemy Kobolds.

After a hard fight, the Party overwhelms the bulk of the Kobolds and resumes command of the Riverbank. They loot the scattered remains, and heal themselves in preparation for whatever might lie before them. Yari notices the runes graven on the rocks under the bodies of some of the Kobolds. The runes embed the Kobolds with extra strength and were clearly intended to give them an edge.

LOOT: 11 small hide armor, 10 light shields, 30 javelins, 1 small spear, 1 small scale armor, 1 small light dragonscale shield, 1 small short sword, 1 small leather armor, 1 small sling, 19 sling bullets, 4 gold, 7 silver.

With the goods gathered, the party then decides to search about the area to seek the lair marked on their map. It’s Miri who finds the entrance, hidden behind the waterfall. Without hesitation, she boldly ducks inside. Tune in tomorrow for the epic conclusion to our adventure! Find out what Miri finds in the waterfall!

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