New Years Eve: Keep at the Shadowfell (2/4)

Our D&D adventure picks up where the previous one left off. If you’ll remember, the intrepid party had just arrived at the walls of the city of Winterhaven, where rumors of the cult they had been hired to deal with had led them.


The Cast

Marl Stone

Female Longclaw Shifter Barbarian.
A bit lot on the slow side.
Played by Kelly “Kitsu” P.

Yari Underglen

Male halfling Runepreist.
Lives life with the air of someone pressed too hard.
Played by Wiley “Rasp” A.


Female Human Witch (Wizard class).
Friendly, patient.
Played by Cyrstal “Sarafina” M.

Dungeon Master

Duties are placed in the capable hands of one Paul “Vago” P.

The Adveture

When the party reached Winterfell they were let in the gates by the guards without trouble (despite the presence of a bloody and bandaged barbarian in the group). The guards even kindly point the party at the local Inn.

The inn itself is large and spacious, with patrons spread generously through the room and serving folk scattered amongst them. Yari, disappointed once again by the lack of anything stronger than Ale, asks the Barkeep (a woman) of the latest news in the town. She reports inconsequential things like the birth of a new baby until Marl announces that they’re looking into reports of a cult. The barkeep hastily replies that “Everyone in the city follows Avandra, goddess of luck and change.”

Marl replies that she “Sounds like a good goddess.” and, while holding up her hand to display her travel worn bandage, continues. “Sometimes you juggle swords. Sometimes you catch the blade.” As the conversation continues, it is eventually discovered the Kobolds have grown unusually bold and daring of late, in addition to being unusually populous and problematic. The barkeep suggests that we might speak with Lord Padraig about this, and points him out in the crowd.

Despite desperate attempts by the other two (such as grabbing her and trying to physically haul her to a stop), Marl walks strait up to the Lord and introduces herself. In the end they receive an appointment to see the Lord in the morning, and he’ll be covering the cost of their Inn stay as a retainers’ fee.

Sidebar 1: Once in the room Marl lays claim to a pillow and tucks her trusty tankard in using a towel from the washstand. Since it did combat the previous day it deserved a good rest. Even though it missed.

In the morning the crew proceeds strait to Lord Padraig’s mansion (though Marl does mistakenly refer to him as “Lord Toe-rag” at least once before they get there. Luckily she’s distracted by lots of shiny once they get there and stays pretty quiet.). The Mansion guards let us in directly because we have an appointment. His Lordship presents us with a map that details the place we need to look, and also offers us a contract (it promises us everything we find in the Kobold Lair, plus 100 gold). The party signs without hesitation (Marl does so with a dramatic flourish).

From there, the normal things happen. The party sells goods off, and prepares to hit the road and finish accomplish the mission. But, things never go exactly to plan, and once again we are ambushed by Kobolds on the road. The battle is intense, with greatsword swinging wildly, Yari running around keeping people alive, and Miri flinging flames and lightning as she pleases.

LOOT: Small hide armor, Small Sheild, 3 small scale armor, 3 dragonscale shields, a bone dragon-skull mask, a ram-skull pendant with the emblem of Orcas the Demon Lord, 5 gold, 23 silver.

With the looting accomplished, the party hits the road yet again, eventually reaching a river’s edge. The tale of our intrepid party will continue tomorrow. Tune into this blog tomorrow to catch the next installment of our epic adventure!

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