Portfolio Show

I don’t have the energy to write much, but I’ll write some. And then tomorrow when my brain grows back I’ll write this up properly for the Productions Blog, too.

Today was stressful, but worth it. Portfolio was completed and ready for the show. I showed it, and I feel like I did well. I have a potential freelance job that’s now in the works. More on that once I know more. Portfolio has been turned in, hurrah! Just have to get the digital version together and then get that into Barb and that class is completed.

Link to the productions blog take on this stuff (which will have more detail) when that gets posted. It might get drafted and then sat on until after the grades are in, though. Barb doesn’t need to grade a monolog from me and I don’t like to edit myself.

On Church – 8 May 2011

It’s mother’s day today, and in my continuing odyssey to attempt to be a better religious person (I have claimed one, after all) Paul and I have continued being churchy past the prerequisite easter service. Yes. I know hell is in danger of freezing as a result of it. I’ll take my chances.

Today’s service had a focus on mother’s day, along with a training edge that dangled into the continuing study of the easter story. We’re now reaching the part where the disciples are well back into their senses and trying to work out where to go next in regards to the risen lord. I can’t help but think that I’d be in a much worse state than them when it comes to figuring out where I’d want to go with that information. The fear of Friday has faded and they’ve learned the news and…

Well… There’s more to the story, I’m sure. But I figured I’d write about it. I’ve been writing about everything else in my life. This is just another of those thinks I’ll try and make regular commentary on.

Side note: Communion wafers are evil. No one should give anything that vile the honor of representing Jesus. Symbols of really nice guys should never be nasty tasting hunks of cardboard that playact at being bread.

Doctor Who – Season 6, Episode 3

Another episode commentary. This on very very stream of consciousness as it’s being written as I watch the episode the first time, during commercials.

Episode: The Curse of the Black Spot
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 7 May 2011, around 9:45 PM

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