Primeval – Episode 1

Since I have opinions and don’t get a lot of opportunity to air them, I figured that I would take advantage of my shiny new blog to do so. Sure, I’ve had a blog over on Live Journal for ages, but this is special and it’s mine more than every before. I want this place to have some special piece of me that no other blog gets. So, what I’ll do is I’ll pick series that I like, or specific episodes of species series and comment on them. Not necessarily a review, but my thoughts and suchlike.

Episode: Leapin’ Lizards
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 5 May 2011, very early morning

Since the episode doesn’t waste any time getting to dinos, I’ll comment on those first. They’re pretty good. Not great, but definitely far from the worst I’ve ever seen. It was a smart move, selecting a species that hasn’t been done by anyone else that I know of it another well know series or special.

Temple is crazier than I remember, though. Keep in mind that I’ve watched a handful of episodes already. Not many, just a few. Such an awkward type. Reminds me of myself in a few ways. I dunno if I should find that disturbing or not.

And then we get to Abby and Rex… Ah, Red. How adorable you are. He’s very well animated. But then, they’d have been stupid to have not invested a good bit of time and energy into making sure he was well animated and very very friendly and adorable. They even did a nice job getting the practical version of Red and his digital version to match up very nicely.

But the anomaly… Such an unimpressive effect. I wish they’d have thought more about what a hole in space and time might look about. The fractal/crystal nature of it is just visually weird. I can’t claim to like it over-much.

Stephen… Knocked out in a heap… and the dinosaur fails to eat him… and no idea why not. He’s all sort and squishy and not fighting back… And then it’s enter Tom Ryan. And through the Anomaly, which they did the transition between world well enough, I think. The people phasing through must have been a pure bitch to animate.

The story with Helen, though, established between their and the end… Seriously interesting. It does make me want more. Why Helen used her camera to take nothing but pictures of herself when she was in such an interesting place I don’t get, though. If it was me there would be so many pictures of dinosaurs I’d have run out of card really, really quickly. Unbelievably quickly, in fact. I do look forward to getting to see more of that stuff scattered through the rest of the series. It should be interesting if they actually do something with the interesting plot-line they have set up.


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