I wish every story ended this happy

dt.common.streams.StreamServer-1Basset Hound Ginger was lost in a divorce by Jamie Carpentier, who raised her. The Ex eventually gave her to a shelter, who gave her to some old folks, who eventually had to give her back. And Jamie, not looking for a dog and just acting on a whim,  found her on the Shelter Website.

The two are no happily reunited and Jamie, who had decided he was done with dogs, is now her master and best friend once again!

Every dog has it’s Day, but Ginger’s day was long in coming. I wish every dog got to find their people, even when those people have spent 10 years outside of their lives.


A Basset Hound Is Reunited With the Man Who Raised Her, and We’re Crying Happy Tears: Jamie Carpentier raised the dog as a puppy. She returned to him a decade later. – Feb 20th 2013 //