Brain Science #3: Creativity Linked to Mess?

Science seems to indicate a link. And I hope that my desk is an indication of my creativity. I have an organized brain sometimes, but I have to make myself organize and get there sometimes. Messy Rooms seemed to inspire creativity, and guides how we think. So, apparently my wreak of a desk indicates not disorganization, but creativity. Apparently we’re impulsive or something.

Study results are only early indications, however. It seems like something that bears more investigation. And perceptions of people outside yourself are critical…

Brain Science #2: Where Creativity Comes From

Can you cultivate creativity? Is it genetic? Swedish scientist seem to think that Bipolar disorder has a link to creativity, but it also ran in relatives of these patients seem to also share the creative “gene”. There’s some indication that their is genetic link. But, in addition to the gene, there seems to be indications that social element.