News Followup: Pope Triggers Doomsday Prophecies!

Photo by The Gaurdian
Photo by The Gaurdian

Earlier today in the Old school News Roundup I featured a Story about how Lightning Struck St. Peter’s Dome.

Well, it’s since come to light courtesy of Discovery News that a 12th Century prophecy states that there will be only 112 Popes before the last Judgement. Did you know that Benedict XVI is pope number 111?

The prophecy itself originated with Saint Malachy, who recorded a list of future popes and made other predictions based on a vision he claims to have received from God. A number of his prophecies have come true, but it’s difficult to rule out causation through subliminal knowledge vs actual prophecy.

Malachy predicts that the next Pope shall be called Peter the Roman and he will be the last of the popes and “feed his flock amid many tribulations after which the city of the seven hills shall be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will judge the people”.

Pretty dark stuff, eh?



Apparently I have trouble reading sometimes. I had it pointed out to me that there have been well over 200 Popes. It turns out it actually refers to Malachy’s 112 predicted popes. Benedict is #111 on that list. (John Paul II is also considered #110, though it’s easy enough to match up Popes and Prophecies, so I’d take that with a grain of salt.


Resigning Pope Brings Doomsday Prophecy
The Papal Apocalypse!
08:56 EST, 13 February 2013 // By DANIEL MILLER, DAILY MAIL

Kitsu’s Afternoon “News”: Image is Everything

Originally reported in the Daily Mail in an article posted 21 September 2011.

In proof of the fact that image is everything, the quality of a dog or cat’s adoption photograph can be the difference between adoption and euthanasia. Professional photographer Teresa Berg of Dallas Texas can’t stand the thought that “for want of a good picture, a dog goes homeless”, and donated her services as a photographer to her local adoption center. The before and after photographs speak for themselves, but so do the numbers. Adoptions went up 100% after her first batch of new photographs went up.

So, whether you’re looking for a new home for your beloved pet or trying to sell a car, never forget the value of a good photograph in making people want what you’re offering.