Bigass Bigots: God hates them more than Fags…


A pair of men were walking down a road. One of them held the leash of a poodle that was dyed pink. These oregon men were attacked for being gay by a random man who’d driven by. The attacker used a mental wrench and struck at least one of his victims. If it weren’t for the intervention of bystanders, this situation could have been a lot worse.

I don’t care who you are, or what you believe. Even if you’re a person who believes that there is a moral/religious wrong in homosexuality (for which I’ve come t doubt the biblical/support of Jesus for based on evidence¬†– Though i still need to do some further reading and study on this matter before I declare that fact), we know that violence towards others is decidedly wrong.

Thank God for the bystanders who rose up and didn’t just permit this to happen. Hate isn’t good for anyone. For the hated it’s bad for the obvious reasons, but for the hater it is equally bad. Hate destroys from within, harms the spirit, and damages the world through the violence that it causes. Innocents get caught in the crossfire of hate.

Westboro Baptist Church¬†seems to take great joy in hate-mongering under the guise of trying to do good in the world… But if they wanted to do good by people, should they be out there, digging wells for the thirsty, fixing food for the hungry or building homes for those without? Priorities, people. Priorities.

Jesus talked about love a lot. The only references in the text you claim say you should hate fags seems to indicate that hate wasn’t big on Jesus’ list of priorities. Seemed he cared more about loving the people he loved than hating the people he disapproved of…