Hobby Farms November/December 2012

HF1212_160 I decided that another Magazine Review was due after I found the November/December 2012 Issue of Hobby Farms on the shelf at my local library. I had to read it not because of the lovely beats on the cover, but because of the “Small stock with a huge return” article.

In the end, that did end up my favorite article of the issue, featuring creatures such as the Miniature Zebu, which is a tiny cow akin to a miniature horse in addition to the minis themselves and a number of other small stock options.

All in all, however, the entire magazine was enjoyable. it featured a lot of information on what amounts to my dream way of living. If I had more disposable income for magazines, I’d even consider a subscription, and I think once I get to realize my dream it will become an invaluable resource… But until then, I think I’m going to continue perusing my library’s collection and continue to enjoy the magazine!

Oh! Don’t miss the wonderful question about spring fed ponds on page 20, or the beautiful editorial by Hayden Hainsworth about her life choices that led her to the Hobby Farming lifestyle. There’s a ton of great stuff in this issue, and it’s really worth a read!