Vacation Day 2: Kalamazoo to Toronto

We traveled from Kalamazoo where Nathan lives to Toronto, where Aaron, Lindsey, Dani and Nicci all live.

The trip itself was fairly uneventful as we went along. For the most part none of the roared terrified me until we got right outside Toronto. Some of the other drivers terrified me. But, we survived and managed to reach Oshawa, the suburb Aaron and Lindsey live in, without me tearing the armrest off the door.

From there we were able to get some rest and make some plans with Dani. Tomorrow will be a blast.



Vacation Day 1: Rhinelander to Kalamazoo

Today was long, but fun. We drove down and made good time. Were now at Force’s house and lounging about. Mrs Harpe’s dinner was awesome!

More to come.




EDIT: More is here.

The drive itself was very uneventful. The weather was pretty nice and the traffic was really reasonable. We found Nathan’s house without trouble thanks to the GPS and were greatest by his family, who are all very nice people.

Mrs Harper fed us, and Force got back from class. We spent the evening hanging out. Paul ended up borrowing a guitar and we just had an all-around good time. The night was pleasant, and I slept pretty well, though the trash truck woke Paul at 530.

And now it’s morning and I’m awake and things are quiet. From here it’s just breakfast, some bumming about and then on the road to Canada! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing everyone there soon!