Undoing Extinction. Is it Possible?

Recently, it came to my attention that National Geographic decided to host a Tedx on De-extinction. This is pretty cool. I’ll start getting into the videos, so this is going to turn into series, I’m sure, as I watch and discuss the various videos as they come down.

Sure, the science isn’t yet pointed at Jurassic Park (we need more recently dead animals for revival to be an option. To this day no amount of verifiable dino DNA has been located). Species of more recent times have specimens available on the shelves of museums as we speak, making DNA retrieval possible! DNA from a tasmanian tiger pup has been recovered and tested (using mice) as viable.

This fascinating bit of potential science has a few problems. It starts with the broad “playing god” complaint and goes down to the more practical “these animals went extinct in the wild. Where will we put them and how will we keep them safe?”. Hopefully the Tedx will discuss and explore this in more detail than the article I read from Discovery News.