Kitsu’s Afternoon “News”: Dogs are Telepathic

Originally reported in a Blog Post on 9 June 2011 by Discovery News.

Our furry friends are so tuned to listen to us that they have a hyperawareness towards their human companions that resembles telepathy. That’s right, your dog is telepathic, after a fashion. They have the ability to sense our moods (and react appropriately to them). They can even learn to detect abnormalities that are dangerous to humans like seizers, blood sugar abnormalities and cancer!

Experiments comparing wolves and dogs, which are genetically subspecies of the same species rather than independent species (dogs simply represent the species post-domestication) and their ability to choose which people from which to beg was carried by both species. Dogs, however, tend to do better on such tests, and further tests involving shelter dogs that lack practice (like wolves) demonstrates that the behavior is inborn (they can all do it) but perfected by practice (dogs with long-term, healthy, happy relationships with people were the best at it).

In short, dogs are the ultimate people-readers. Our sidekicks are awesome.

Paul & Billie Belle