Vacation Day 6: AnimeNorth Day 2

Today was incredible, and as it should be. Saturday is the one full day of the con, so that one is as it should be. As it used to be, Saturday is still the most amazing day for costume watching, too. Some amazing costumes walked by us, though to get to the convention we had to brave what was some shockingly thick Saturday traffic. And all this after spending the start of the day with my head hung off the end of the counter so Nicci could Vash my hair.

I got my introduction to My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic. We missed the beginning, but what I got to see makes me want to see more. I’ll be on YouTube soon enough. Following the PONIES the group split up for a bit. Or more correctly, the dealers room split us up, but the cross was impossible in there. We were photographed a ton of times, and that’s part of what split us up.

Paul and I ended up sprawling on the grass eating Tim Horton’s Donuts and taking pictures as people wandered by. Donuts are awesome: food and donuts! Unfortunately, however, the wind blew Paul’s cross over and the top bit got all loosened up. Opps.

Then it we organized and managed to meet up with everyone else over full metal alchemist pictures and chilled in preparation for the rave. Part of rave prep was more food (Yay Food!). While relaxing we actually found a person dressed as a doctor who weeping angel! Her costume was stunning! Too bad the doctor wasn’t around to save us from it…

Then it was rave time. Which meant standing in line for ages. The line was fun, though, and we made some new friends! Random new convention friends are fun! It was raining, though. Ruth, Nicci, Alex and I all popped some breath mints and joined Dani under her umbrella. The rave itself was fun, but my head couldn’t handle it for long and Paul was really tired so the two of us left early. Nicci and Alex came with us, which is understandable. It had been a long day with tons of stimulation already and I think sleep was the best thing to be done at that point. We had one day of early mooring hair standing on end to manage, aft all. Paul and I stayed up just late enough to get his cross put back together. The others getting home hours later didn’t even disturb anyone. I applaud these sneaking skills!