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Site-snaps are what I call the little “Snapshot” that appears in the right menu of this website. This is a history of them and some commentary on each one.

Vash Photo-bomb

This is the first non-default one to be customized. The photo stars me, in my AnimeNorth 2011 Vash the Stampede cosplay being artfully photo-bombed by Kat in her AnimeNorth 2011 Ch’p cosplay.

Photography Credit: Nicci G.

Kitsu at her Desk

 This is the second major one to be customized. It is the latest one, happily featuring myself again, this time while working on the Lazy fox. It’s nothing fancy, and really something I should think about replacing, but at the moment it’s the best thing to have up here.

Photography Credit: Paul P. 

Dash & Lazy, Kitsu’s Foxes

This is the third update, and the second on the responsive theme. The character featured is Dash, a fox statue that Paul (my husband) purchased for me while on an extended bike trip through the porcupine mountains and UP of Michigan. He’s photographed with my Mac, Wacom Tablet/stylus, and business card (which features Lazy, another fox in my life).
Photography Credit: Kelly P.

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