Awesome Cheetah!

This stunning animal is a Cheetah. That’s right, a Cheetah. I ran into this and a series of other pictures via this post at a blog called Cryptomundo run by an influential individual in the cryptozoological (study of unknown animals) field by the name of Loren Coleman. Mr. Coleman relays the tale of Guy Combs, who took this amazing photographs.

The cheetah pictured is actually still a Cryptid because all we have are the photographs. Not studies have been done that can establish if it is an unrecorded by science cheetah subspecies, a color mutation of the known cheetah or the like. No DNA samples were successfully taken. Just goes to show, no matter how clear your photographs are, photos are just photos.

9/11 Tribute

First off, a prelude.

I wasn’t going to comment on this, because I tend to think that America is too in-your-face about what happened, and instead of dealing with the tragedy on a personal level we’ve only managed to turn it into a side-show of epic proportions. Just think about the disgustingly un-American displays that have gone on about the proposed Mosque and Islamic Center. Granted, at least some people kept their brains on and had the sense to realize that “Islamic” and “Terrorist” are not synonymous.

Anyways, my opinions aside… I decided to do a post about it today because I love two comics that came out today by two of my favorite comic strips. So without further ado…

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