Internet UFOlogy: UFOs & Volcanos

In addition to the Bigfoot Fun, I’m entertained by following UFOlogy.

Cigar Shaped UFOs & Volcanos

In november a “giant cylinder” was seen smashing into a Mexican Volcano¬†according to IO9. In February a “UFO” was filmed zooming past Popocatepetl, too. I don’t understand why UFOlogists are excited about this. Neither of the pieces of footage are clear or show anything of significance. In fact, when the one from February is slowed down, I see clear evidence that it’s an artifact bug flying past the camera.

In short: Both of these are unidentified, for sure. But they certainly don’t seem to give with the common UFOlogy driven definition in any way, shape or form. This is as bad as a blobsquatch.