News Roundup Special Edition: Combustibles (and a Ghost)

Sometimes… Things catch on fire…

  • Fires sparked by hand sanitizers? – February 19, 2013 // By idoubtit
    Flaming children at hospitals. The only positive so far: There are worse places in which to burst into flame. Hospitals still use the alcohol based hand sanitizers, which are far more flammable than the more commonly used by pedestrians like us non-alcohol ones. It’s suspected that the hand sanitizer and static electricity are at the root of this one.
  • Oklahoma Sheriff surprised by fire victim, considers spontaneous human combustion (UPDATE: not spontaneous) – February 19, 2013 // By idoubtit
    The case is a classic example of what’s commonly called Spontaneous Human Combustion (SCH). There are, however, no proven cases of SHC. Many cases appear to be wick-effect incinerations. As in many of the not-so-spontaneous cases, this victim was both a smoker and  a heavy drinker, leaving the SHC possibility in doubt.

Yes. This is only two stories and I normally do at least three, but I wanted badly to talk about these fire stories and didn’t have a good third. Have a fake ghost instead.

  • The CCTV camera “ghost” [fake] – February 26, 2013 // By snoma
    That’s right. Fires and fake ghosts. I could fake a better video than this… I wonder if any of my friends would take up the challenge with me…