On Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a fallacy. It has no science that supports that dilution of a substance leads to health benefits. Nor can any ability of “like to cure like” be established in any study of merit on the subject.

This is why I was a little surprised when Doubtful News reported posted an article about the U.K.’s HHS (National Health Service) essentially hiding information about the dangers of Homeopathy and its ineffectuality. In fact, if read this blog post  by Guy Chapman you’ll see indications that the NHS is choosing to ignore evidence they have gathered concerning Homeopathy and is actively repressing it to avoid conflict!

And if that isn’t reason enough for you to avoid Homeopathy, I suggest reading what the Quackometer has to say on the subject. Not only is in effectual medicine, what little evidence they have appears to be rooted entirely in conformation bias. And there’s a monstrous lack of quality control, or even the contents of a package to contain the active ingredient, for something to be labeled a Homeopathic cure!

I have no problem believing that herbs can cure things, that we can find medicine in odd places, or that some things that are difficult to believe might potentially work… But when the science says “no” in such a resounding way you accept it. That’s what Science is for. It helps us sort and understand the world around us. It helps us to do the best to be as healthy as we can.

Science shouldn’t be neutered so a few individuals can make money on quackery.