Friday Makes My Day

Found via It Made My Day. Original Story: Dog finds new home after owners split

Paul Wu of Kirkland, Wash. was pulling out of his driveway one morning when he found a small dog with a bag tied to its neck. When the dog wouldn’t leave, Wu inspected the bag. Inside, he found money and a note.

“Please take care of Mr. B. He is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Six years old. My parents got divorced and Mr. B was supposed to go to the pound. I think he has a better chance with you. This is my birthday money for any of his care. He is used to kids, not other dogs. He’s a good boy. I know God will take care of Mr. B – Everyone loves him…especially me. Thank you.”

Wu took the dog to work with him and told the story to his colleague, Robert Kuchcinski. Kuchcinski was compelled to help. He took the dog to the vet, and learned that Mr. B had some dry skin and plugged ears, but an overall clean bill of health. He brought the dog home to his three children.

“All I want to do is let this person know, that we found him a good home. That’s the whole message,” said Wu.


Other IMMDs!

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  • Jamie’s Little Moment of Win: I took my daughter to McD’s the other day. A family walked in behind us and she held the door open for them. After ordering, there was an employee stocking the straws when we went over there. My daughter asked the lady if she could please have a straw, and then said thank you without any prompting from me. The best part – she’s only 4. My polite daughter MMW!
  • raeroorah’s Little Moment of Win: Even though Star Wars was before my time, I’m a huge fan of everything Star Wars. I culture a natural padawan braid that is longer than the rest of my hair. Today someone came to the till where I work and looked at me funny. After a moment he gave me a serious nod and said, “May the force be with you.” Sharing the nerdiness totally MMD
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