Mission Launch Planned

This site is the future home of Kitsu’s journey deeper into her Lutheran Faith.

She plans to accomplish this journey by begining the following practices, starting on the First of September with the following:

  • Posting a blog of her throughs on the sermon every Sunday night by 9PM CST.
  • Posting a blog related to the ELCA Daily Discipleship for that week every Monday by 9PM CST.
  • Posting a blog related to the ELCA Daily Faith Practices for that week every Tuesday by 9PM CST.
  • Posting a blog containing something inspiring every Thursday by 9PM CST.
Kitsu plans fully to expand this posting schedule once she acquires a study bible and can begin to post something personally selected and directed by herself (this will probably be a Wednesday and Friday post). Kitsu thinks she’ll take Saturday off, for now. Until she thinks of something great for that day.

Reactivity Ahoy!

I spend a fair bit of time on Mobile type devices. In accordance, I’ve adjusted this website yet again. The previous layout simply didn’t have a lot of the mobile flexibility I really needed to make things work well for me.

Thus, we have another new layout. If you notice any problems, let me know (though this Theme is awesome, and shouldn’t have any issues. Very well designed).

Yarn Tails for Sale!

I have been learning to make yarn tails and have hit a point in which I can begin to sell them. To get things moving, the tails I’ve made in practice are now available for the prices listed below, + 5$ shipping (double shipping outside of the USA).

These tails are all made of acrylic yarn and have a loop large enough to go around a belt.

If you’re interested in a custom tail, contact me and we’ll discuss both what’s possible and prices.

Apologies & Building the Internets

First off, I apologize for the distinct lack of me in the last two weeks. Between everything that’s been happening I’ve just been really, really busy. I will catch up soon on the D&D storyline, I SWEAR.

In the meantime, enjoy the following Silly ConversationTM between myself and Mel.

KEL: But then 😉 when it comes to my job you prettymuch know “Builds the internet”. I tend to not mention specificly where very oftend.
MEL: This is true. How does one build the internet?
KEL: Carefully, and with lots of caffine.

Another Visual Change

I figure now that the “Brand New Day” is done dawning, it was time to swap to a more serious skin to reflect the “more serious” approach I’m trying to take to this blog. Go me, right?

Yes, it is a monster change, but I felt like a layout that reflected my current goals was in order, and seemed prudent. There are still going to be silly things, but I really want to up the amount of serious content, and maybe end up driving a little bit of real traffic through this website. Maybe try and make something of it…

A Brand New Day

I decided that it was time for a brand new day here at Kitsufox.com . I’ve lost interest in the LOL-posting and just… haven’t been able to make myself do it. So I think I’m doing to start making myself sit down and… You know… write real stuff for blog entries every day.

I don’t know what the topics will be, but I’ll be shooting for an entry a day. It might be works I like on dA, it might be a book review… It might be anything that takes my mind, even rehashing news stories. I might even do the occasional LOL post, though for the sake of everyone who wants to skip those, I’ll start buying them under cuts.

Thus, see y’all tomorrow, with the first of these new fangled posts.

Yarr! M’ty! (Or Happy Birthday to Me!)

Because we’re going to Wausau for a day out tomorrow Paul gave me my birthday presents today. He went all out and got me the things I’ve been saying “Well, we don’t really need that” about. It included the Blueray version of Fox and the Hound (which disney released from the vault just a few weeks ago, and gives me all sorts of great warm-fuzzy feelings and reminds me of my Paternal Grandparents), the newly price-lowered Super Mario Galaxy (which I’ve been waiting for the price-drop since SMG2 came out) and finally, a shiny new copy of the Sims Medieval’s new expansion, Nobles and Pirates. In accordance, I bring you the following image:

Weird, but Good

Today has been weird, but good.

Currently I’m on a break from work. That’s right. Work. I’m working from home. As a graphic designer. It’s so weird. Being employed in a real job, in my field was sudden, but awesome. I can’t wait to continue work, though I’m due for a nap right now, I think. I just want to get more done before the Boss calls at 4… So up and working I’ll stay for now. Maybe a short lie down after the phone meeting.

Vacation Day 8: Toronto to Rhinelander

The trip home was relatively unexciting once you forgive the Saturn (Paul’s car) of it’s lack of air conditioning. The most exciting part was crossing the Mackinack bridge and, honestly, picking up the dogs. Their really isn’t much more to say than that.