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News commentary will be taken from various sources, all of which I will site prior to commenting.

It’s been a bit since I’ve seen anything in the news that I’ve felt like commenting on, and then I did a bit of extra commentary so that it wouldn’t just be a little introspection about one story.

Racial hoax causes PR headache for McDonald’s from 13 June 2011 (Yahoo!News Article)

  • Gotta love when 4chan gets together and comes up with something they feel like doing. You’d think people would have the sense to not just retweet but look into where it came from… Or have I just been a snopes reader for too long?


NPR Hourly News Summary 6-15-2011 9AM EST (Podcast)

  • Deficit reduction talks: As if they’re actually cooperating. They’re so bipartisan it’s unhealthy.
  • Greek debt crisis: At least they’re trying, but it’s sad that social benefits are being hit while they’re increasing taxes on people. Though I guess it’s tolerable given default of a full country on loans and debts would suck, too.
  • Missouri River Flooding: Let the levy hold. Let the American Core of Engineers not continue to suck.
  • Arizona Wildfire: I’m thankful the weather is turning to help them fight this thing and gave them an opportunity to set up some barriers. I hope they manage to nail whoever’s responsible.
  • Malpractice: It’s scary.

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