New Years Eve: Keep at the Shadowfell (1/4)

I get y’all wonder what happened to me. Well, There was a bit of a scramble to get ready to have a new years D&D game. I pulled it off, in addition to a huge amount of cooking, just in time. It did mean skipping two days worth of entries, though. In apology, I’m going to start writing up the D&D adventure we just experienced.

So, herein lies the tale of our three intrepid adventurers.

The Cast

Marl Stone

Female Longclaw Shifter Barbarian.
A bit lot on the slow side.
Played by Kelly “Kitsu” P.

Yari Underglen

Male halfling Runepreist.
Lives life with the air of someone pressed too hard.
Played by Wiley “Rasp” A.


Female Human Witch (Wizard class).
Friendly, patient.
Played by Cyrstal “Sarafina” M.

Dungeon Master

Duties are placed in the capable hands of one Paul “Vago” P.

The Adveture

Like so many D&D stories, this one began in a tavern. Not too long ago Marl had come down from the mountain home of her Shifter Pack to have her great sword fixed. In doing so she met the Halfling Runepriest, also a metalsmith. They became fast friends as he fixed her sword. Or at least Marl became fascinated with his rune-enamled armor and began to follow him. Since Yari found her muscle and her battle-exepreince useful in his travels, he adopted her after fashion.

This leads to the start of our adventure, where the half-hapless pair enteres a small roadside tavern for a drink. While their, the room is filled with music. Marl prances about, enjoying the tune while Yari attempts (and fails) to find a harder strain of dwarven-type booze. When a white-clad woman with a sun-burst emblem on a chain about her next bursts in the music slams to a sudden halt.

Marl: **Looking around** Where’s the bard?
Yari: She’s the bard **points at Miri**
Marl: No instrument. She’s not a bard.
Miri: Hi.
Yari: She was making it with magic.
Marl: Can we keep her?
Yari: If she wants to join us.
Miri: Um… Sure?
Marl: Yay! I have a pet now!

Sidebar 1: This led to a random descent into an out-of-character ramble about Marl having had a rock for a pet once. And it getting broken. And it becoming twins.

Sidebar 2: There was also another bit involving Marl having punched a caravan leader in the face once. And how that caravan leader may or may not have been the same one that groped Miri under her robes.

Anyways, returning to the adventure, the in white goes into a panic about cults and cultists and undead things. The lady says that the Great Church would be able to compensate people who would be able to help bring these people to justice.

Sidebar 3: The woman’s promise was worded to imply goods being offered. Yari does his level best to convince Marl that money is superior to goods due to the fact that you could pick that goods you want rather than getting whatever they gave you. Marl’s repines to this was “Bacon doesn’t travel well.”

Sidebar 4: At some point in the recent past Yari instructed Marl to pack her things into her bag. probably because she had also at least once forgotten her shit. But this time that Yari instructed her to put her stuff in her bag, she stuck her Greatsword strait through the bottom.

Comments from Kitsu: Seriously, I didn’t mean for Marl to be this stupid. It just sort of happened as I played. She was originally supposed to be sort of mean and surly. But instead she just came out stupid. She does have only a 9 int, so it even makes sense with her stats. I’m really lucky Wiley’s turned out to be a competent “Animal Handler”.

At this point we have our mission (Head to Winterhaven, Investigate and collect proof of cults for the Great Church). In accordance, we hit the road. Where we are attacked after about 3-4 days of travel. By a bunch of Kobolds. The battle goes well, though Marl falls several times, requiring the Runepriests’ skills to keep her on her feet to keep damage off the others. Marl was pleased as she got to slay the very last one that was standing (she also slew a few others, but she’s not much on keeping count of things).

LOOT: 2 suits of small armor, 2 small sized heavy dragon scale shields, 2 small short swords, suit of small leather armor, 5 small light shields, 5 small javelins, 34 silver pieces, a small sling & 16 bullets.

Following the looting of the corpses, Marl decides to attempt to juggle 3 of the 5 short swords. She manages to start juggling, but when it comes time to stop the swords all plunge into the ground around her feet. Showing off, Yari decides to also attempt to juggle them. He successfully starts to do so, but before he ends (gracefully, and exactly as he intends, Marl reaches out to attempt to snatch one of the swords. She manages to grab one. By the blade. Oops.

From there the party manages to proceed the rest of the way to Winterhaven without (significant) incidents. The writeup the adventure will continue tomorrow.

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