Brian Science #1: Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is fascinating. Your brain is always changing, and always adjusting to make you better at what you do. This means that my brain has constantly been getting better at writing, because I’ve been writing for years. And it’s constantly getting better at writing code because I wrote code every single day of my life (even if I’m not physically writing it, mentally coding the way I do all the time apparently helps for at least a short while).

Theory says that this might be a source of addictions and why habit breaking is so difficult. Though it’s very neat to see science advancing, and hopefully this science can be learned to help train brains to break addiction and the like!

1 thought on “Brian Science #1: Neuroplasticity”

  1. maybe it’s title this because from the prsicee moment she was attacked it will be forever Inevitable that she will question her every move, look over her shoulder at every sound, fear every stranger who comes near her, it will be Inevitable that she will live her entire life in fear of the unknown.


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