Apologies & Building the Internets

First off, I apologize for the distinct lack of me in the last two weeks. Between everything that’s been happening I’ve just been really, really busy. I will catch up soon on the D&D storyline, I SWEAR.

In the meantime, enjoy the following Silly ConversationTM between myself and Mel.

KEL: But then 😉 when it comes to my job you prettymuch know “Builds the internet”. I tend to not mention specificly where very oftend.
MEL: This is true. How does one build the internet?
KEL: Carefully, and with lots of caffine.

Venomous Fish

Today I learned that there are venomous fish in existence. And I’m not talking poisonous like the pufferfish, I’m talking have venom sacks and can inject you with some deadly toxins venomous. Properly venomous like a snake.

Of these fish the most toxic of them belong to the genus “Synanceia”, commonly called “Stonefish”. They’re honestly ugly as sin, and have spines along the back that are hooked right up to some glands full of a nasty bunch of neurotoxin that can make your leg hurt so bad you want it cut off.

That’s right, this little fish can make you want to hack your foot off with a rusty ax if you step on it. If the victim does not receive treatment in a reasonable amount of time, it can even prove fatal, making this one of the planets most deadly animals. This means that an ugly fish that looks like a stone could kill you. Which would be revenge for all the slights against the fish’s perceived lack of attractiveness, I guess.

Candlelight Service

I will admit that I don’t remember a ton of the sermon from last night’s Candlelight Service. mainly because I was distracted by Linnea’s adorableness the whole time. Right before the service started my Father-in-law, Norm, came over to where we were all sitting because she was fussing. Matt, Linnea’s father, said the following:

She’s just crying because she found out her Grandpa wears a dress.

Note of the uninitiated, but Lutheran Pastors still wear the fancy flowing vestments.

Best. Quote. Ever.

I was watching doctor who today. For the record, I belived River Song was pretty badass prior to this. But on this week’s episode she told the Doctor, in the heat of a gunfight…

“You’ve got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet.”

Yes. I’m amazed, too.