10 Mil. $ Big Foot Bounty: Episode 1 – Bigfoot’s Blood

Check this out! Standard post with actual original content! How cool is that? I haven’t reviewed anything since I did a few comics awhile back (though I have another limited series I should do up a review for, actually…). A few days ago I watched the 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty on Spike TV. I rather enjoyed it, and decided that some commentary on the show was deserved.

As they introduced the teams, I was pleased to see that it wasn’t 100% Squatchers. It was good to see wildlife photographs and the like be included in the lineup. As for the experts… Well… It was amazing to see Dr. Todd Disotell, who is one of my favorite scientists. He has long given Bigfoot a (skeptical) attention that many other scientist skip. Even Dean Cain has better credentials to judge than I’d expected!

I love the concept of skills tests as they’re run on the show. They make people prove they have the skills to even have a chance at putting forth proof. Though I must admit, there is some disparity in the woodcraft of some of the groups. It was good to see actual animal tracking happen, which isn’t something you see on other bigfoot shows very often.

And finally, the scene I’ve been waiting for. I’d seen a clip of Justin claiming he’d killed 2 already, and wanted to know what that was all about. Dr. Disotell called it exactly as I did. He’s either talking out of his ass, or he’s a freakin’ murderer. There isn’t any way around the matter. The man is nuts, no matter how you slice it. I’d be terrified to be out in the woods in a remote cabin with him.

I went into the “hunt” portion of the show just hoping that none of them would preform any bigfoot screams and drive every ounce of wildlife out of the woods. No team found anything significant, and some teams seemed to just be pulling ideas out of there ass (I doubt that cave is home to more than a squirrel or porcupine. I have no idea what evidence they were using to indicate it was bigfoot.). And I wasn’t surprised when a team broke out a toy lightsaber in an attempt to attract what is commonly considered a shy and elusive creature by believers (though in the same breath believers will also claim it’s curious and will investigate such things. Though if it was that stupid, I’d like to assume we’d have noticed by now.). I’m not sure what to make of the noises, but I suspect it could have been a timid coyote testing the waters to see if it was safe to really call to his pack. I’m just pissed that people screamed back at it before they’d gotten any sort of visual. Way to drive away the target, people!

Going into the elimination, I was torn. I wasn’t sure if no evidence would be deemed worse than mistaking moss for hair. Want to know what got a team eliminated? Well, you’ll have to watch the show or catch my next review, in which I’ll talk about the next episode!

Doctor Who – Season 6, Episode 4

I find that I enjoy episode commentaries. I’m not sure why, and I think I might be the only one who gets anything out of them. Oh well 😉 Works for me.

Episode: The Doctor’s Wife
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 14 May 2011, around 10:30 PM

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Doctor Who – Season 6, Episode 3

Another episode commentary. This on very very stream of consciousness as it’s being written as I watch the episode the first time, during commercials.

Episode: The Curse of the Black Spot
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 7 May 2011, around 9:45 PM

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Primeval – Episode 1

Since I have opinions and don’t get a lot of opportunity to air them, I figured that I would take advantage of my shiny new blog to do so. Sure, I’ve had a blog over on Live Journal for ages, but this is special and it’s mine more than every before. I want this place to have some special piece of me that no other blog gets. So, what I’ll do is I’ll pick series that I like, or specific episodes of species series and comment on them. Not necessarily a review, but my thoughts and suchlike.

Episode: Leapin’ Lizards
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 5 May 2011, very early morning

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Best. Quote. Ever.

I was watching doctor who today. For the record, I belived River Song was pretty badass prior to this. But on this week’s episode she told the Doctor, in the heat of a gunfight…

“You’ve got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet.”

Yes. I’m amazed, too.