Doctor Who – Season 6, Episode 4

I find that I enjoy episode commentaries. I’m not sure why, and I think I might be the only one who gets anything out of them. Oh well 😉 Works for me.

Episode: The Doctor’s Wife
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 14 May 2011, around 10:30 PM

First off: Squash course 7? Why not ditch more squash courts rather than give up the pool? And now… the TARDIS as a living entity? How interesting! It’ll also be interesting to get another timelord. And she loves her doctor! Wowie. She’s nuts. All the rest of them are off their rockers, too. Due to a timelord infestation, I have to guess.

Then we’re introduced to an asteroid that can speak. From there the TARDIS gets all evil green and smokey while the Doctor wants to be forgiven. Like everybody. Oh Doctor, you poor thing. Still all alone, and more aware of it for having had hope. From there, Amy’s right and everyone regrets it.

The TARDIS (or “bitey mad lady”) and the Doctor splitting hairs about taking vs borrowing. She knows him so well. It’s crazy the way she knows what’s coming and what have you. From there they reveal the need to rescue Amy and Rory (again). Though he fails and the TARDIS wooshes away. It truly is new, the Doctor not knowing what to do. The oddness of something eating TARDISes (okay… ARTON energy) is oddball.

“I’m a madman in a box without the box!”

I love when the Doctor decides to do the impossible. The impossible is very much fun. Rory makes a fun good “pretty one”. The role of the ood in the overall storyline is something I must learn. As a the creature stalks them and they get into the “old” console room. The Doctor and the TARDIS, though, should be just in time! And they smoosh the nasty ood!

It’s odd to see the Doctor bargaining with the enemy like that, but it’s got to be a ruse to get the creature to trust him.

“Fear me, Doctor, I’ve killed hundreds of time lords.”
“Fear me, I’ve killed all of them.”

The power of the TARDIS is immense. Though the end might be a touch anticlimactic in that the fight was just voiceovers and nothing more. The poor TARDIS. I really do wish that we could get her as a regular character. But the ship does have a ton of personality even without a voice. It’s probably for the best that she reintegrates with the shell and settles back in. Though it is sad for the Doctor to suffer another disappointment in this same episode.

“The only water in the forest is the river”

Note to self, don’t forget that. It’s going to be come back to, we know that. Also:

“A boy and his box, off to see the world.”

All in all, a very fun episode! I look forward to the next one, about “the Flesh”. Shall be interesting to see what that’s all about.

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