Doctor Who – Season 6, Episode 3

Another episode commentary. This on very very stream of consciousness as it’s being written as I watch the episode the first time, during commercials.

Episode: The Curse of the Black Spot
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 7 May 2011, around 9:45 PM

It’s definitely an interesting episode concept, the siren is. And high Rory is a lot of fun. Shall be interesting to find out where this thing came form. Pirates are fun, and kids in denial about being pirate spawn is even more fun.

Also, Pirate captain on the tardis. For awhile. Until she runs away. I swear the longer the show is on the more personality they give her. I wonder if the pirates will come together under the Doctor or if they’ll end up muddling along with the attitude.

The reflection thing is a really interesting sort of take on the siren myth. and it would explain without a fault why they always “bring” stillness to trap their victims. … And what on earth is with the freaky lady with the eyepatch? I’m with Paul on this one, I think it probobly ties back to the kid from the pervious episodes.

Side-trip: The insider thing. *snicker* “If it can be scary and hot at the same time, that’s a double whammy”. *GIGGLES*

The poor pirate. Or rather, the unfortunate rich pirate. and Then Rory heading overboard…Followed by a crazy finger pricking plan that only the doctor could come up with. He’s so very brilliant. Or at least he wants to think he is. I’m not as fond of this doctor as I was of 9 and 10. 10 is far and above my fav from the modern doctors. But 11 does have some very nice storylines that are very interesting happening. I’m enthused to find out what’s up with Amy and the kid (who I theorize is hers) and hope they don’t take more than one season to do it.

Mirror verse is how they’ve going to explain it…  Thus the siren is an alien, and probably just looking for help. Though with the dead aliens I’m not so sure… Then the pirate, of course, shoots the alien. . . . It turns out she’s a doctor? Very interesting. The twists are part of what I love so much about this show. It’s also fun when Rory is so practical and willing to just teach them how to save him. So trusting and with so much faith in Amy. I wonder if Paul has that much faith in me…

Oh thank God. The Pirate grew a pair and is going to act like a father. *snicker* And he’s off to become a space pirate. All in all a very fun episode.

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