Dr who ep

Another episode commentary. This on very very stream of consciousness as it’s being written as I watch the episode the first time, during commercials.

Episode: Let’s Kill Hitler!
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 27 August 2011, during live broadcast.

Driving crop circles are awesome. And hmm… Totally random new friend threatening Hitler. Awesome!

Made Rasputin?
That “suit” rocks. So awesome. Weird, the mistique effect is always weird. Tiny size changers!
They make me think of decapitated Oods, the antibodies.

Accidental hitler saving. How cool is that?
Followed by Rory knocking Hitler on his ass!
I was expecting doctor to be the Criminal the little head people spoke of, not a her…
And then we have Mels, who is going to be River!?

New-River is insane. And apparently the person who kills the doctor? Who is really well prepared. All psyco, and all thinking her own name is stupid. Sneaky sneaky River and her poison.

Rory is having a totally badass day. He’s still totally the centurion.

I love the cycle of all the varios voice interface companions. Poor hurted Doctor. And we have Rory and Amy in the Amy-suit, getting chased by antibodies. Silly jellyfish.

Wow. Fancy Doctor. Sonic cane? Miniaturized cross people. No one expect that.

Yay, Info on the Silence! Followed by very cross miniature people being cross. Followed by stubborn Doctor and River being curious about who River is. And then on to River rescuing Mom and Dad.

River being bid to carry a secret message to … Herself?
Brilliant clever use of excess regeneration energy, Miss Song! Though all at once maybe wasn’t a good plan…

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