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  1. Hello, Joy.Thank you for writing. You asked about Tom’s smpile way of getting piaffe (a reference to an earlier comment made by Emma Kline). Simplified, Tom’s philosophy is about getting to the horse’s feet. As riders, we tend to view this advice metaphorically. However, Ray Hunt would demonstrate the reality by roping his horse’s feet, while he was riding in the saddle on that horse. Ray would then direct/lead his horse by the lariat on the foot, not the rein. It was a graphic demonstration. Simplified, piaffe is a trot in place. When the horse understands that the rein is attached to the feet, to move forward or back at the rider’s direction, the rider can ask the horse to put out more effort, to trot, while waiting on the rider (staying in place). There is a short demo of a young horse learning to piaffe on the previous video (Emulating Ray, part one). At the end of that video, Jemima is taking half steps, a precursor to piaffe. Like so many movements, piaffe is taught in a progressive fashion. However, horses can learn the concept, very early in their education. In fact, as opposed to today’s dressage show definition which makes piaffe a climax of training, piaffe is a training tool.My explanation may be elusive. I’m happy to talk about it more.-Betty


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