Movie: Galaxy Quest (1999)

It sort of blows my mind a little bit that I talk about all sorts of things on this blog, but havn’t talked about any movies so far! I decided to start old and somewhat randomly with a movie I watched on premium cable yesterday while I was being sickly.

Film: Galaxy Quest
Studio: Dreamworks SKG
Watched: Originally, forever ago. For this review, 8 March 2013

For the record, I love this movie. I think Alan Rickman against Tim Allen is just plain fun (if underutilized for the movie). The film itself is a spoof on the obsessive geek culture that surrounds some television elements, but most specifically Star Trek in this case (to the point where uniforms and vehicles from the film show clear inspirations).

It’s a fun, lighthearted movie in which the characters get to experience a full arch of development, which is somewhat underdone in this sort of film. Also, it’s great fun to see the characters poke fun at certain trope elements of the scifi genre (crawling around in the ductwork, the “stompers”, and Guy’s constant worries about being a redshirt).

Yes, it’s not an intelligent movie, for all it has a sort of cleverness to it. It’s a film to watch when you don’t want to think to hard, and there’s no shame in being the sort of film that a person with 80% of a migraine can watch with the volume low while she waits for the pills kick in (and the nausea that goes with them to pass).

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