Primeval – Episode 1

Since I have opinions and don’t get a lot of opportunity to air them, I figured that I would take advantage of my shiny new blog to do so. Sure, I’ve had a blog over on Live Journal for ages, but this is special and it’s mine more than every before. I want this place to have some special piece of me that no other blog gets. So, what I’ll do is I’ll pick series that I like, or specific episodes of species series and comment on them. Not necessarily a review, but my thoughts and suchlike.

Episode: Leapin’ Lizards
Network: British Broadcasting Company
Watched: 5 May 2011, very early morning

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Best. Quote. Ever.

I was watching doctor who today. For the record, I belived River Song was pretty badass prior to this. But on this week’s episode she told the Doctor, in the heat of a gunfight…

“You’ve got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet.”

Yes. I’m amazed, too.

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Vago & BillieAs of today my husband of nearly three years turns 28. I love him with all my heart, and I hope that we get to keep growing older together like this. Sometimes you just get lucky, I know that’s all that happened to me. So far today, excluding the homework I still have to do, we did the church thing and the family thing (with his half of the family). It’s been fun. Afterwards we did our normal grocery run and all of those domestic type things that are required to keep a household running.

From there it’s been home. The weather isn’t cooperating with what he really wants to do (go on a bike ride), but at least he has a Video Game to keep him busy (borderlands). And now, since I need to get back to the homework thing, it’s off to see to the “excitement” that is my life.

ARISE! KITSUFOX.COM!, my intended hub and home on the interwebs, hasn’t had an update in months. In accordance I’ve swapped things over to this fancy new setup that will let me edit and update quicker. In time I’ll swap to a custom skin, rather than this (extremely nice) freebie, but for the time being it’ll be perfect.

Stay tuned for more updates.