DM’s Reading List

I’m a loyal subscriber to D&D Insider. This may or may not be a regular feature, as I’m a 4e player, and we’re on a timer for new materials.

  • When Stuff Happens, What’s a DM to Do? By Ed Greenwood
    I love the unforseen moment, however complicated they can make life. Ed Greenwood goes over some ways to deal with those moments, giving advise on dealing with the twists that you didn’t manage to plan for.
  • Wandering Monsters: Chosen of Bahamut By James Wyatt
    I’ve got a thing for dragons. Really, I do. This installment of wandering monsters is focused on  dragonkind. Including the Dragonturtle. Because everyone needs a dragonturtle.

This one is short, but I do recomned reading both of them and finding a way to use them in your advature!