Year of the Snake

The year of the snake has just come upon us. In celebration, I present some snakes.

pimg-1093546753-208174 This is a Reticulated Python. They’re freakin’ big. At least some of them are. They live in Southeast Asia and are the longest snakes in existence, some growing to be over 28 feet in length! Also: They can eat people if the people aren’t careful.

r8c8auNow we have the Barbados Threadsnake. These guys are freakin’ tiny. All of them. They measure just shy of 4 inches long and were only discovered 4 years go on Barbados. Threadsnakes are pretty damned adorable, IMO.


4282956-3x2-940x627Then it’s on to the Inland Taipan. These guys are really freakin’ poisonous. Like, kill everything poisonous. It really shouldn’t be a surprise, though, since the Taipan is from Australia, where I’m pretty sure even the dogs exude deadly substances from their skin.

Inspirations for this article were drawn from: Top 12 Most Amazing Snakes – FEB 8, 2013 12:30 PM ET // BY JENNIFER VIEGAS