DM’s Reading List Vol. 2

I’m going to start numbering these serial posts to make it easier to keep things sorted. I’ve decided to pull more suggested reading for gaming from D&D Insider, my favorite 100% digital publication. One of these is even holiday appropriate!

  • The Dungeon Master ExperienceWhere’s the Love? by Chris Perkins
    Dungeons and Dragons is about exploring themes and genres and tropes. One trope that is possibly the hardest of all is the romantic sort. In this article Mr. Perkins explores the pitfalls and challenges of love for himself and potentially for other DMs. I found this article particularly interesting because in both of our current home games right now one of the themes that is strongest is the growing emotional loyalty the party members have for one another. He actually applauds what we’re doing as brave, and anytime my Favorite big-name DM calls out something I’m involved in both running and playing, I’m a happy camper.
  • Forging the RealmsHow Many Hidden Cults Is Too Many? by Ed Greenwood
    I found this article interesting because in 2 of 2 of our current home games we’ve got hidden cults. I’ve got no clue what Wiley has in the pipes, but I suspect some sort of hidden cult might happen. Though it’s too early to tell much about what He’s going to do, since the game only just barley has characters at this point…
  • The Dungeon Master ExperienceThe Old DM and the Sea by Chris Perkins
    Mr. Perkins talks about DMing through a series of editions, and talks about the upcoming D&D Next. It’s interesting, but I’m not sure that Next will be for me. It might be 4e from here on out for this Fox.