Family-centric News Roundup

Today’s News Roundup theme is Families, with a focus on children, but a small detour into staying together.

  • Woman Births Two Sets of Identical Twins in a Day – FEB 19, 2013 12:45 PM ET // BY RICHARD FARRELL
    I brought this one up for the sheer statistical anomaly of a woman fertilizing two gets (creating fraternal twins) that each then went on to split into sets of identical twins.
  • Shopping Center Bans Screaming Children – FEB 20, 2013 09:52 AM ET // BY TRACY STAEDTER
    The part of this that catches my mind is that when Sydney Dee Why Grand shopping complex banned screaming children in the food court, it actually brought up supports of why people’s screaming kids should be tolerated. And I’ll excuse an infant, but when kids are “running amok in the food court” (the complaint that triggered the ban) there isn’t a “this is my only means of communication” reason for excuse the noise.
  • Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together – FEB 20, 2013 08:00 AM // DISCOVERY NEWS
    Drinking effects your relationship… Positively, if you drink together. If you drink apart, the most issues you’ll have when together. So basically, if you’re going to drink, you’ll want to do it together. Keep in mind, though, heavy drinkers statically (even when matched) have a higher rate of divorce than their less sloshed counterparts.


Photo News Roundup

You know me. I love rounding up some news for you! This roundup features photos!