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News commentary will be taken from various sources, all of which I will site prior to commenting.

NPR News 5-7-2011 8AM ET Hourly Update

  • The flooding in the US is rather saddening. It’s unfortunate that so many are being displaced and having thier property damaged.
  • Osama… Geeze… Obama has the right of it. There are far more important things to think about. Good man for trying to think about other things. I just hope it sticks. At last.
  • Brown can shove it. I’d like to point out that it took us 10 years to find a man hiding outside the Pakistani capitol. SHAME America, shame. Make a better effort next time.
  • Kentucky Derby: I love racehorse names. Hopefully things will go well and horses won’t get hurt this year.



I honestly don’t have any stories other than these today to comment on. So that’s where I’ll stop.

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